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Oct. 12th, 2014 06:55 pm
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Hello minna~
It's been a while, and I had to speak about my trip. And now I don't want to do anything else so I write. Very french as I said this.
Well, let's start.

It began by overflying the island. Very beautiful, lot of mountains I didn't expected, lakes and woods. And finally we land at the airport (where we visited airstrips). The wether was not very good, but no rain and it was pretty hot. Then passport registering and other usual thing when you enter in a country.
And the first time in japanese subway. That's expensive, but the good point, and maybe you now it, this is very clean and calm.
After about one hour in the train, we arrived to our metro station, and first challenge : find our guest house. That was difficult because in Japan, addresses are differents, there is not the name of the street. So we walk in neighbourhood, without finding the good place, and finally, I tried to ask an old man, it was a little difficult but we did it and he explained us how to go.

Yatta, it's here! Our host was a couple of old people, very kind persons. This is not a luxuary place, but this is very friendly, people from all around the world come here to spend few weeks in the country, so we met different people with different culture and it was interesting to speak with them every day.

Even if we were tired by the travel, we go out to fit the time difference, and don't sleep as soon we arrived. We met the person who bought our tickets for waku waku near to the Tokyo Dome and after that we took a drink in a bar. That was very enjoyable and as expected, we were very happy to be here.

Next day, we visited Shibuya, a place frequented by many young people with a lot of high building and big screens which broadcast things related to the music and dramas. So it's very noisy, but very lively. We bought some Arashi's stuff and I bought expensive clothes (I was crying when I saw the bill even if it was only two jackets) at shibuya 109.

And the day after that, we finaly saw Arashi for real at Waku waku. Very fun !

I d'ont really remember the order of what we visited after that, but we visited Otaku's places (like Akihabara), Shinjuku, Ginza, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky tree (the highest tower in Japan) it was very beautiful. I also visited Asakusa which is a very intersting place, with temples and market with lot of things we can bought as gift for friends and family (Omiyage). I love this place, but there is too much people, it's hard to move along. I saw Kabuki theater and imperial palace, that was beautiful and intersting.

There is a lot of ad everywhere in the city, and in subway (there is screen which broadcast Tv ad)

Well, I'm very bad to talk about my stories, I think pictures are better x) So if you want to see them I invite you to visit my facebook album here
If you can't see the pictures, I can add you as friend, but before tell me by PM who you are.

And sorry for all my English mistakes which should be huge.

Thanks for reading, and if you have some questions, I'll answer.

Ah, and it's okay if you tell me my mistakes. I could learn about it.

Jya na~


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